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Concrete Gravel Boards

Concrete Gravel Boards

All prices include VAT @ 20 %

6 inches 150mm£10.80
12 inches 305mm£16.00

Concrete Gravel Boards

We stock a range of concrete gravel boards here at Express Timber Wood Ltd. We have several different sizes to suit your fencing requirements.

Concrete gravel boards are a long-term cost-effective option to help improve the longevity of your fence panels, and they are easy to install.

With concrete gravel boards, you can raise your fence panels off the ground, helping to reduce the risk of moisture damage, such as rot and decay. Mooisture damage can occur when fence panels are placed directly on the ground. When the ground is wet, this can cause damp.

Concrete gravel boards can be used with both concrete fence posts (all you need to do is slot them into place) or with traditional wooden fence posts. Gravel boards are excellent at protecting your fence panels, whilst also adding overall rigidity to your fence and helping hold the fence panels in place.