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Fencing Nottingham

At Express Timber, we supply fence panels and timber supplies to customers across Nottingham. We are your one-stop location for all your fencing needs. If you are looking for fencing supplies in Nottingham, Express Timber are more than happy to help. We have over 25 years of experience in supplying timber to customers across the East Midlands. Over the years, we have built up a reputation for reliability and have many loyal customers across Nottingham.

Express Timber supplies trade, public and wholesale customers in Nottingham with garden timber to meet their fencing requirements at very competitive rates. With over 25 years of experience, Express Timber are specialists in timber fencing, sleepers and decking, so if you are in Nottingham looking for fencing supplies you can be sure that we are a reliable and dependable local timber merchant and supplier. We pride ourselves on being the most reliable fencing contractors in Nottingham and the East Midlands area. We deliver a meticulous, yet efficient service to each and every one of our customers, using our expert knowledge and vast experience to ensure each job is done to the best possible standard at excellent prices.

We pride ourselves on being a reputable and reliable fencing supplier in Nottingham and surrounding areas. We offer excellent customer service, using our 25 years of experience and knowledge in the industry to ensure each customer is provided with the best possible service and supplies. Whether you are looking for fencing supplies for a small or large job in Nottingham, we have the supplies available to provide you with everything you need. We stock feather edge panels and boards, fence rails, cappings and posts.

Fencing Supplies in Nottingham

Feather Edge Panels and Boards

Here at Express Timber we stock and supply customers in Nottingham with feather edge panels. Feather edge panels are a popular choice, typically used in back gardens as they provide a lot of privacy. Quick and easy to install, feather edge panels are available in a range of widths and heights which suit most gardens. The typical feather edge fence panel look is produced by the vertical planks of wood with the edges overlapping. Horizontal battens are added across the back to add stability to ensure that the fences stay rigid and durable against all conditions.

Express Timber stock feather edge panels and feather edge boards. All of our timber is pressure treated to prevent insect attack and fungal decay.  If you are based in Nottingham and are looking for feather edge panels, look no further than Express Timber.

Fence Rails

Fence rails run horizontally between posts, connecting the posts with the fasteners. Rails are the fence component that the pickets are attached to and hold the panels in place. Many vinyl fences have two rails, one at the top and one at the bottom. Although, depending on the fence height and style, there may be three rails running between each post. The general rule of thumb is to have a rail for every 24 inches in height. The top and bottom rails are important to prevent sagging and bowing of the fence over time. Middle rails are not always necessary, but they do help to keep the fence boards in place and may limit warping and twisting.

If you are looking for fence rails for your garden fence in Nottingham, Express Timber are here to help. We are a local timber merchant and supplier and will meet all your expectations and standards.


Cappings are vitally important in protecting your fence panels from the rain, one of the biggest threats to the condition of your fence. If the rain gets into the margins of the wood panel, it can potentially cause rot and core damage. Cappings cover the top of the fence, providing extra protection meaning your fence will resist for longer. Without cappings, the top of the fence remains exposed to the elements. Cappings are also considered to be decorative items, they come in a variety of colours, style and shapes. For quality fence cappings, look no further than Express Timber. We stock and supply customers in Nottingham with pressure treated high quality timber and have years of experience to advise you.

Round Posts & Half Round Posts

Machine round posts are timbers that have been shaped by machines, providing a smooth round finish with a shaped point. Round posts provide a classic look and are ideal for a number of fencing types such as garden fencing, wire fencing and agricultural fencing. Round posts are durable, ensuring that your fence will look great for many years but will also maintain its structural integrity and strength.

Half round fence posts are similarly used for fencing around farms and fields, often used in conjunction with barbed wire and mesh fencing.

Express Timber stock various sizes of round imported posts and all our timber is pressure treated to ensure longevity. If you are looking for round and half round posts in Nottingham, Express Timber have got you covered.

Express Timber- Fencing Supplier in Nottingham

If you are looking for fencing supplies for your garden or grounds, you can rest assured that Express Timber have got everything you need. We supply fence panels and timber to a wide variety of customers across Nottingham and surrounding areas. We are a Grantham-based fencing contractor with many years of experience. Please get in touch with us today, call us on 0772 208 5256 or fill out our online contact form.